Why did the Far West become Prime Minister Oli’s main choice?

  २४ पुष २०७७, शुक्रबार ११:०९

Dhangadhi, Jan, 8 : The caretaker Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, who hails from Jhapa in the Far East, has been seen in the Far West for the past one month.

Prime Minister Oli, who is also the chairman of the CPN (Maoist), split his party after the dissolution of parliament and the announcement of mid-term elections. Seven ministers from the Madhav Prachanda faction in the government resigned after the party split. Out of which, the responsibility of three ministries was given to the leaders of the Far West. Here, too, his fascination with the Far West was exposed.

The CPN (Maoist) leaders were overjoyed, claiming that the Far West had got the highest number of ministers in Oli’s time.

Oli’s fascination with the far west was not so limited. He also made the Far West the first destination of the nationwide race. Oli is the keynote speaker of the general assembly to be held in Dhangadhi today.

There are many reasons why the Far West has become the choice for the nationwide race that began with the mission of making the CPN (Maoist) the number one party in the post-split party.

Before the split of the CPN (Maoist), Oli Rawal’s fiercest opponents within the party were Bhim Rawal. The far west is Rawal’s home region. Oli’s inner desire is to weaken Rawal in his own field.

To counter Rawal, Oli has given the responsibility of Far-Western Province in-charge to leader Lekhraj Bhatt. Oli wants to see Rawal weakened. And to counter him, the militant Prem Ale has been given the responsibility of the forest minister. After becoming the forest minister, Ale has been constantly attacking Rawal. Rawal, who always spends time against Oli, is entangled with Ale. At this time, Rawal is not happy to spend time against central politics and nationalism. Moreover, Rawal has become a target of the CPN-Oli group after withdrawing Rs 3 million from the account of the CPN-Far-Western Provincial Committee overnight. The rest of Rawal’s time is spent explaining the same issue of Rs 3 million.

Ale has been commenting that Rawal’s nationalism has become a ghost in Achham and Kuwar-Rawalism.

There is no public meeting in Dhangadhi today and power is being demonstrated under Oli’s leadership. Through the general assembly, Oli will not only attract his old leaders and cadres belonging to different groups. They will also show their dominance in the far west.

A central leader of the CPN (Maoist) said that Oli would inform the people about the reasons for the split of the party and the non-cooperation of the Prachanda Madhav group.

After the split of the party, the crowd gathered at today’s public meeting under the nationwide race to inspire its frustrated and frustrated cadres will decide to make Oli enthusiastic and frustrated. Leaders of the Far West are now claiming that more than 50,000 activists will gather at the rally to inspire Oli.

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