“Dalit” is the most victimized during Covid period !

  ५ श्रावण २०७९, बिहीबार १३:२८

Dhangadhi : A study has shown that the Dalit community faced the most problems during the Covid epidemic. According to the on-site study conducted by Milan Pariyar, a Nepal fellow journalist of International Commission for Dalit Rights (ICDR) US’s “International Media Fellowship” program 2022, in Doti’s Sayal and Adarsha ​​Rural Municipality, it has been found that Dalits have faced the most problems during the Covid period.

During the study, Dalits said that due to Covid, Dalits had to face more problems socially, culturally, economically and educationally than other communities. Dalits said this during a discussion held in the Dalit settlements of Mellekh, Daud and Toleni villages of Sayal Rural Municipality and Banjh kakani, Dahkalikasthan, Kandi Syaule, Lamikhal, Mauwa and Girichauka villages of Adarsha ​​Rural Municipality.

It is said that because of the almost one year long lockdown imposed by the government for the prevention and control of covid infection, Dalits who earn their livelihood by daily wage labor have lost their jobs and are having difficulty in waking up in the morning and evening. They complained that they had to take loans from moneylenders at high interest rates to feed themselves when they lost their jobs, children were deprived of online education, and those who returned home from India were subjected to caste discrimination even when they were quarantined because they were Dalits. Similarly, they also told that the health materials distributed by the municipality were also deprived of consumption.

Social worker Padam Bahadur Khadka of Sayal Rural Municipality-6 Mellekh says that since the Dalits have become the most affected by the Covid epidemic, the rural municipality should allocate budget for them with special priority.

Surat Pariyar, Chief Administrative Officer of Adarsh ​​Rural Municipality, during a week-long investigation into the situation faced by the Dalit community during the Covid epidemic, said that the Dalit community, which is lagging behind in all areas, has been hit more than other communities during the Covid period. Said done.

Shankar Nagari, president of Dalit Unity Prosperity Society, said that the local government should conduct economic empowerment programs as the Dalits here have suffered the most economic losses during the Corona period. He said that the condition of the Dalit community affected by Corona is worse than in the past, so the local government should be the most serious in order to improve their economic condition. Nagari informed that an awareness program is being conducted in each ward under the Dalit Empowerment Program to increase the access of the Dalit community to the local government.

Lal Bahadur Nepali of Adarsh ​​rural municipality-6 Girichauka said that Dalits should be cautious as the corona infection is not yet under control. Geeta Bhul of Sayal rural municipality-3 Toleni said that during the corona epidemic, she faced discrimination even in health supplies, relief food and vaccines.

Samtakhabar Editor-in-Chief Pariyar is a Nepal Fellow of International Commission for Dalit Rights (ICDR) US “International Media Fellowship” Program 2022.

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