Experience sharing meeting started in Lahan

  १० श्रावण २०७९, मंगलवार १६:५९

Lahan : A two-day experience sharing meeting has started in Lahan with the participation of Herwacharwa network and organizations working in the field of Herwacharwa’s rights.

The program has been organized with the aim of identifying the activities, achievements, challenges and areas of improvement conducted for the liberation of Harwacharwa.

In the meeting, the government of Nepal recently thanked the government for announcing the liberation of Harwacharwa and asked for immediate restoration work.

In that meeting, advocate Balaram Bhattrai, a laborer campaigner, facilitated the discussion on the background of liberation, basis of liberation, opportunities, and challenges, while Jiyam Shrestha, consultant of Freedom Fund, facilitated the discussion on joint strategy.

According to Advocate Bhattrai, the meeting will be held for two days with the participation of the leaders of Harwacharwa from 8 districts of Madhesh Province and the partners of The Freedom Fund.

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