The daughter of a Brahmin and the son of Vishwakarma performed an inter-caste marriage on the day of the People’s War

Milan Pariyar : Even now, interracial marriage is not acceptable in our society. The marriage between the alleged dalits and non-dalits has been rejected by the society. Even if children get married voluntarily, society will not be able to accept them easily. With the use of technology and increase in educational awareness, the number of […]

Transgender people get citizenship with identity

Chitwan : Sangita Adhikari, 22, of Sharadpur in Bharatpur Metropolitan City, known as a transgender woman, has got citizenship with her identity. According to the law that has been enacted since January 26, 2073 BS to enable people from sexual and minority communities to get citizenship by correcting their names and genders, Sangita has got […]

A one-day corona test camp in Oakland, California

Kathmandu : A one-day corona test camp is scheduled to take place on February 5 at 544 International Blvd. Oakland, California. A one-day corona test camp is being conducted jointly by the Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants (CERI) and the Nepali Public Relations Committee USA, Northern California Chapter. Prem Pariyar, Camp Project Coordinator and […]

Only three Dalit chairpersons in the 77 district committees of the Land Commission

Kathmandu : The government has appointed officials and members of the Land Problem Resolution Commission in all 77 districts. He was given the responsibility of giving land to landless dalits and squatters. Shivamaya is given by Tumbahangphe. The Ministry of Land Management had recommended for the appointment of chairpersons and members in those districts. As […]

Unaccompanied children of Laljhadi get clothes and educational materials

Dhangadhi : The Laljhadi village municipality of Kanchanpur has distributed clothes and educational materials to 30 orphaned children. Each child received a bag, a tuxedo, six copies and 12 pens. In the current fiscal year, the village municipality had allocated one lakh budget for the children without parents, said Chairman Madansen Badaik. Stating that this […]