The Minister started monitoring to prevent shortage of oxygen gas

Dhangadhi : The Oxygen Gas Industry in Dhangadhi, Kailali has been monitored on Wednesday. A team led by Sudoorpaschim Province Social Development Minister Krishna Raj Subedi has been monitoring the gas industry. After the monitoring, Minister Subedi directed to produce according to the capacity of the industry. “Tell us if it’s difficult to run the […]

A strategic plan is being formulated to eradicate the ‘chhaupadi pratha’ in Doti

Doti : Chhaupadi has been a major problem in the Sudoorpaschim and Karnali Province. Due to the superstitious belief that no household items should be touched during menstruation and maternity, women are forced to live in huts away from home. Such a herd is called ‘Chhaupadi Goth’. You have to stay in Chhaupadi Goth for […]

Powerful earthquake in Assam, India

New Delhi : A powerful earthquake shook the northeastern Indian state of Assam on Wednesday morning. The quake damaged some buildings, but no casualties were reported, officials said. According to the US Geological Survey, a magnitude 6.0 earthquake centered on the hilly region bordering Assam and Bhutan. However, the tremors and aftershocks were felt hundreds […]

International Dalit Journalist Network formed, Rem Bishwakarma as General Secretary

Kathmandu : Founder and Executive Director of Jagaran Media Center Rem Bishwakarma has been elected as the General Secretary of the International Dalit Journalist Network. Vishwakarma has been selected as the honorary general secretary of the International Dalit Journalist Network, which was established on Sunday by a virtual meeting of journalists from active Dalit communities […]

The daughter of a Brahmin and the son of Vishwakarma performed an inter-caste marriage on the day of the People’s War

Milan Pariyar : Even now, interracial marriage is not acceptable in our society. The marriage between the alleged dalits and non-dalits has been rejected by the society. Even if children get married voluntarily, society will not be able to accept them easily. With the use of technology and increase in educational awareness, the number of […]